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Reservation: Immediate implant Course Dec 2-3


When: Dec 2-3rd
Where: Miami – FL

Experience the cutting edge of dental technology with our exclusive course on Immediate Implantology. This comprehensive program will provide you with an in-depth understanding of the technique and equip you with the practical skills to transform patient outcomes in your practice.

Key Takeaways:
Anterior Tooth Extraction: Learn the intricacies of anterior tooth extraction, ensuring minimal trauma and optimal conditions for immediate implant placement.

Post-Extraction Implant Placement: Master the art of placing implants immediately post-extraction, leveraging the existing socket to enhance stability and aesthetic results.

Soft Tissue Grafting: Get hands-on training in the delicate procedure of soft tissue grafting, enhancing tissue biotype, improving aesthetic outcomes and reducing complications.

Immediate Loading: Discover the secrets of immediate load, a revolutionary concept that allows patients to receive their dental prosthetics on the same day as their surgery. This means fewer appointments, reduced treatment time, and enhanced patient satisfaction.


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Our Immediate Implantology course is designed to offer you a comprehensive, step-by-step approach to these complex procedures. Led by expert clinicians and backed by extensive research and case studies, this course is set to revolutionize your practice, elevating your service offerings and enhancing your professional reputation.

Take your dental practice to the next level with our Immediate Implantology course, where science meets practical application for outstanding patient outcomes. Enroll now to secure your place and step into the future of dental care.

This experience will allow the participants to return to their practice more confident and capable to solve new situations in their daily practice.
Be safer, predictable and confident in you day a day.

Full price: $2870
Reservation / First payment: $ 1250
Second payment: $ 1620